It has been a few years now since the book-blogger Grumpyoldbookman undid years of careful myth-making by telling people that I was a librarian from Swansea. During that time I have waited patiently for the librarians of that town to do the decent thing and deny the unmerited tribute. Two years, and not a squeak from them. Instead they have been swaggering up and down Swansea High Street on Saturday afternoons, in their British Home Stores suits, pretending to be me and impertinently scoring the chicks who should have been mine. Well, I’ve had enough. The time has come to use this website to put the record straight. The time has come to tell the truth. I write novels, teach creative writing, run writing courses, teach writing fiction online for Oxford university, fight tyranny, drink beer and moonlight as an  advertising copywriter. Most of the stuff here is, to be honest, a load of old nonsense, but there is some good stuff hidden among the chaff. If you are a new writer, be sure to check out the Skool Otherwise look around, have fun, and try not to break anything.