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About my copywriting service from beyond the grave

When exactly was it that they announced the death of the copywriter? I think it was midway through the nineties. First they said long copy was dead. Then short copy. Then any copy. Ads became minimalist and cool, like Zen gardens. No room for words, the meaning had to be encoded like in hieroglyphs. Copy was dead.
Well, I’ve got nothing against hieroglyphs but I was always fond of words, and so throughout those terrible years I doggedly continued to offer an advertising copywriting service from a nuclear bunker in Oxford.

Until guess what? Words came back. I knew they would. Hooray for words!

I emerge blinking into the sunlight, happy to serve you.
Over the years I have done just about every conceivable type of corporate storytelling and commercial & advertising writing. I’ve also written pieces for the Guardian, radio drama for the BBC, and a stage play.

I wrote and currently teach the online ‘Writing Fiction’ course for Oxford University.

I live in Oxford and can do anything with words that is legal. Contact me for a chat if you have a project I might be able to help with. Or visit the rest of the website to find out more about me and my novels.

Funnily enough, they said the novel was dead, too, somewhere around 1925. But that’s always been my problem. I just don’t listen.

Awards in 2016

One Show Finalist, radio & copywriting. D&AD Wood & Graphite pencils for radio and copywriting.


Wood Pencil / Radio Advertising / Radio Advertising over 30 seconds

Wood Pencil / Writing for Advertising / Writing for Press Advertising


D&AD 2016