Finish that damn novel!

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to write that novel you always dreamed of.


Go to a secondhand furniture shop. Find a desk, and open the drawer.

What will you find?

There’s a one-in-three chance you will find an unfinished novel.

A lot of people dream of writing a novel. But most of them start and give up. Or they are so intimidated by the prospect that they don’t even start.

This in itself is not such a terrible thing. The real problem is what comes next.

You die.  And this is where your troubles start.

When you get to Heaven a sarcastic angel called Fred at arrivals takes you aside and says, ‘Why didn’t you write the stupid novel?’

And you stammer, ‘I…I…I wasn’t good enough.’

He sends you straight to Section 14F where you spend eternity with the Great Armadillo of Despair snacking on your liver.

The tragedy is, you were good enough. You just didn’t have a method.

This course will give you one. Put your email address in the box and receive the first lesson today.

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