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Huh? Who?

Novelist, playwright, enemy of tyrants, silly twerp who needs a boot up his arse….just who is the King of Welsh Noir?


Six novels in the cult Aberystwyth Noir series, and a new detective series. Is there no stopping this man? Yes, he’s broke.

As Aberystwyth’s only private eye, Louie Knight was used to clients losing things: hats, coats, umbrellas…their lives.

But Cornelius Pingüinos was the first client to lose his memory. And it was no ordinary memory. It contained the solution to the most enduring mystery of the Patagonian War –  that conflict known as the Welsh Vietnam: the fate of the 32nd Airborne Division, who vanished into thin air while trying to lift the siege of Nueva Aberystwyth.

‘Big Penguin’, the penguin industrial complex, threatens to kill Louie if he solves the mystery.

The Druid gangsters say it’s curtains if he doesn’t.
And to make matters worse, Louie breaks his cardinal rule: he falls in love.

Welcome to the mean streets of Aberystwyth: a surreal seaside world of broken hearts, broken dreams and broken ice-cream cornets.

A Streetcar Named Aberystwyth is the seventh novel in Malcolm Pryce’s celebrated Aberystwyth Noir series. Dark, funny, twisted and touching, it presents an Aberystwyth that never quite happened.

Take a look at the graphic novel I created as part of the launch campaign. It details my heroic struggle against the Mayor of Aberystwyth who tried to ban my book.

Some people said I couldn’t sing, but no one could say

I didn’t sing

Florence Foster Jenkins


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