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Also the place where you can pick up a free, novel-writing ecourse. Take a look around, have fun but try not to break anything.

Huh? Who?

Novelist, playwright, enemy of tyrants, silly twerp who needs a boot up his arse….just who is the King of Welsh Noir?


Six novels in the cult Aberystwyth Noir series, and a new detective series. Is there no stopping this man? Yes, he’s broke.

The Oxford Writer

Check out my new venture, a YouTube channel in which I teach you to write your novel using the most unlikely of writing implements, a round-Oxford bus ticket.

Dean of St. Custard’s

Giving birth to your first novel is never easy, visit St. Custard’s College, Oxford, for some advice on delivering that brainchild.

Some people said I couldn’t sing, but no one could say

I didn’t sing

Florence Foster Jenkins

Malcolm Pryce