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Manuscript Assessment

Evelyn Waugh showed the manuscript of his first novel to his friend Harold Acton. No one knows what exactly Acton said about it but Waugh burned the manuscript then went to the beach to attempt suicide. You need to be careful whom you show your manuscript to. Read about my approach to this delicate but vital service.

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Dr Sandie Byrne, Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing, University of Oxford

Malcolm Pryce is an inspiration, both as a writer and a tutor. His understanding of storytelling is unparalleled and he has the ability to break down the elements of his craft and to convey them with wit and humour.

The Oxford Writer

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Marvelously imaginative…You’ll weep and laugh on the same page. Wonderful


The Guardian

Surreal, absurd and very funny.


The Times

Pryce really is in a league of

his own


Time Out

Malcolm Pryce