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Everything you need to write your first novel, including:


  • The most vital skill of all: How not to give up
  • A  great writing tip from the painter Rembrandt
  • The secret no one ever mentions: what is reading
  • Five ways to make your reader suffer and why it’s important that you do.
  • How to use the miracle of ‘Thisness’.
  • How to glue the reader to the page.
  • The secret sauce for creating a page-turner.
  • How to add meaning.
  • Everything you need to know about writing contained in a single word.

The Oxford Writer

Check out my new venture, a YouTube channel in which I teach you to write your novel using the most unlikely of writing implements, a round-Oxford bus ticket.

The ultimate online novel-writing course

Check out my flagship online novel-writing course and learn how to achieve the page-turning paradox. Which is to say, you write a novel so engrossing the reader races through it to the end but doesn’t want it to end.

Marvelously imaginative…You’ll weep and laugh on the same page. Wonderful


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Surreal, absurd and very funny.


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Pryce really is in a league of

his own


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Malcolm Pryce